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Young Learners Preschool is owned & managed by three ex-Karachi Grammar School Teachers from the Kindergarten section.

Manizeh, Imrana & Yasmin bring with them a wealth of experience which will greatly benefit all the students at YoungLearners Preschool. They are trained in UK & USA respectively & were working at KGS till 2011. These Teachers have collectively over 35 years teaching experience.

Young Learners Preschool offers an age-appropriate, stimulating, child-centred safe environment which is conducive to each child developing their full potential.

We, at Young Learners Preschool, work with enthusiasm, patience and sensitivity so each Young Learner is a ‘happy’ learner who has a high self- esteem & stands out in a crowd with their self-confidence, ‘superior’ language skills & logical thinking.



Mother & Toddler Group

Age: 10-17 months

Our Mother & Toddler Group has proved to be very beneficial for young Mums and their Toddlers. It provides a ‘learn through play’ environment in an informal classroom setting. It introduces them to learning material at their level as they work with their Mothers. Songs and Rhymes with Puppets are enjoyed by the whole group. The love for books is introduced at this early level. Social skills are developed as they learn to make new friends.

This group meets thrice a week and it’s a great opportunity for them to develop friendships in a safe learning environment. Each Mother is responsible for her own Toddler at all times as a trained Teacher oversees & directs the whole group.

This experience is a great stepping stone for Toddlers preparing to go to Playgroup!


Age: 1.6-2.2 years

Our Playgroup provides a ‘nurturing experience’ for your child since it is a first-time experience outside their home on their own with other Adults who are not their relatives or close friends. This is a valuable experience of happy separations, learning to do without Parents and trusting their Teachers. This develops their confidence and independence having the companionship of other children and learning to socialise with others. Learning through play , problem solving, cooperation, sharing and manners are instilled at this early stage in their lives. Memory recall is developed through action Rhymes and songs. The constructive time spent in Playgroup prepares your child for the next level, Pre-Nursery.


Age: 2.3 – 3.4 years

Our Pre-Nursery syllabus prepares children for the best Primary schools in town. It’s a time for emotional, physical, social and intellectual development aiming to give your child a well-rounded personality. The academic foundation is strengthened through problem-solving and creative activities. This also develops their logical thinking and decision making skills. It develops good learning habits and positive self-esteem. Important learning milestones take place at this stage. Superior language skills are developed through conversation, storybooks and role-play. Team work is encouraged for thematic projects to provide an in-depth understanding of the world around them.



“Since joining YLP, Amna has become really confident and she has started socializing a lot more.”

“With Young Learners, we’ve had a very intimate experience. It’s been very close and I feel our child has gotten a lot of attention and therefore has been wanting to come to school.”

“Sara took her first step and spoke her first word at YLP.” 

“YLP has been a great experience. I saw a lot of positive changes in Basit.”

“My daughter Zoya was always confident but YLP has groomed her personality in a way that she’s become a lot friendlier.”


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Call Manizeh @ 03002144365 or Imrana @ 03008245799

Young Learners

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